mark kelner’s

solaris: shelter for the next cold war

wednesday may 22nd - sunday july 7th

from the universe of acclaimed DC artist, Mark Kelner, comes A new and expanded version of the popular Umbrella pop-up. curated by zachary p. levine.

opening reception:

may 22nd, 7pm-10pm

weekly open gallery hours:

wednesday 4pm-8pm

saturday & sunday 12pm-5pm


Artist Mark Kelner’s Solaris: Shelter For The Next Cold War pop-up showcase at Umbrella attracted over 10,000 visitors in april, previewing his collection in anticipation of the official exhibit launch at Culture House which opens to the public on May 22nd.

Solaris – Shelter for the Next Cold War comes from the universe of Mark Kelner, the acclaimed DC artist whose roots in Russian and American cultures form the basis of his artistic creations – from sneakily subversive advertising and corporate branding to symbols of Russian and Soviet visual culture and art history.

This new and expanded version of the exhibition includes newly-made pieces and installations along with several never-exhibited pieces. In addition to the shelter, the exhibition will feature an immersive room of Kelner’s Solaris body of work based Soviet propaganda poster art.

The exhibition will include a slate of programs including concerts and dance parties, curatorial tours and Q&As with the artist and curator Zachary Paul Levine, public art programs, and more.

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