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In Cabaret We Trust


09.07.17 – 09.29.17
SEPTEMBER 7, 8, 10, 15, 21, 22, 28, & 29 AT BLIND WHINO SW ARTS CLUB


“History doesn’t repeat itself…but it does rhyme.” While almost certainly incorrectly attributed to Mark Twain, this quote exemplifies what spurred TBD Immersive to create In Cabaret We Trust.

Set in the 2020s, In Cabaret We Trust tells the story of DC’s struggling Resistance Cabaret featuring acrobats, aerialists, fire troupes, dancers, and more. The cabaret is fighting to stay alive in the capital of the populist-controlled Republic. Congress has revoked DC’s Home Rule, and an ultra-conservative lesbian Senator now controls the city, which she regards as little more than a filthy, liberal swamp. Under increasing pressure from her constituents to shut down the Cabaret (Is #CabaretGate real? Or fake news?), the Senator has chosen tonight to make her big move.

But like everyone in this town, she has secrets. Secrets held by the headmistress of the Cabaret that could ruin her career. As the two factions lock into a chess game of “mutually assured destruction,” each side fights to maintain their foothold and gain new ground. The press wants the truth. The Resistance persists. Difficult choices are made. The show must go on.

Can the Cabaret be saved?

In Cabaret We Trust is a fully-immersive theatre experience that begins as soon as the audience arrives. It is set within the walls of the 15,000+ sq. ft. desanctified church, Blind Whino. This immersive production will highlight not only the acts on the mainstage, but also the tangled web of stories just below the surface. Drawing on influences from the Weimar Republic erathe production explores themes of power and control, as well as resistance and artistic spirit. Artistic director Strother Gaines says, “In my research following the 2016 election, I started seeing parallel storylines between the Weimar Republic and the previous 8 years here in DC. Back then, as the pendulum swung back to a fascist regime, we lost the cultural progress of the early Weimar Republic. It makes us nervous to see the increasingly similar parallels to today’s political landscape.”

In a time of chaos and secrets, what compromises are you willing to make? Which values are untouchable and which ones are you willing to bend if not break?

The event space will open 30 minutes prior to curtain with ambient performances (weather permitting). For additional information, go to and soon)

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